Youth Ministry

Welcome, all young people 7th grade through high school!

The mission of our youth program is to create and cultivate life-long disciples of Christ. 

Godly adults are involved in our teens' lives to offer understanding, comfort, support and godly wisdom. Every teen can find help with the challenges of their lives as we empower them to reach their full potential as blessed children of God. Teens are capable of great things in the church and in their communities in spite of, or because of, their circumstances, influences and environment.

ALL are welcome...just as they are.

We seek to instill faith and love for Jesus in each one who participates, so they will be baptized into a life of forgiveness and devotion to Christ. Learning obedience comes next; so, we cultivate discipleship in our teens by modeling and teaching them the way of Jesus. Grace, guidance and encouragement are freely given where needed.

Our prayer is that our young people will go on to live lives of faithfulness far beyond their high school years. 

[Sunday morning Bible classes and a few other events are temporarily suspended due to the COVID crisis.]
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