"... you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem,
and in all Judea and Samaria,
and to the ends of the earth."

God’s kingdom includes a whole lot more than just the local church.  Explore the many ways we support vital mission efforts in our own community, across the United States and around the world.

Mission Partners

World Bible School

More than eighteen thousand souls have been reached with the gospel through the willing hands and hearts of our church family members. The team meets together on Tuesday evenings to prepare, grade and send out Bible correspondence courses. They enjoy fellowship with like-minded people who want more than anything else to share God's love and grace with those who are lost.

This group meets regularly, but also sporadically depending on when mail arrives from corporate World Bible School in Cedar Park, Texas. The work is expanding to include online teaching, using email and the internet to receive and send lessons, scan and grade completed lessons, and return them along with encouraging notes via email.

Consider this evangelistic mission and how you can become involved to make a difference in the kingdom of God. Where else can you spend a couple of hours a week as a missionary without ever leaving the city limits? Join us, knowing the cause of Christ will be increased and strengthened in the world!

Mexico-Church Construction

We also send support to a mission effort that is under the oversight of the Sunset church of Christ in Springfield, Missouri. This good work helps small churches in Mexico build buildings to worship in. The Mexican government will not recognize the congregations as religious groups unless they have a place to meet together. Through good works like this one, Christians are able to meet and worship together. You can help through your financial donations to this powerful ministry.

Mexico-Frontera Coahuila

Our congregation supports a devoted and hard-working missionary in Frontera Coahuila, Mexico. This is a grass roots project; but the church is growing and thriving. We support this mission effort financially, through prayer, and correspondence. Our missionary there is actively preaching and has a deep love for lost souls. He and his wife are also involved in their community, encouraging families in need and teaching about Christ. You can be involved in this mission through a personal commitment to pray for lost souls and through your financial gifts.


A mission team travels to Gambella, Ethiopia, each summer to hold a vacation Bible school for Sudanese refugee children. In 2019 through this mission effort, approximately 3200 children were taught the stories of Jesus found in the New Testament. While on location, the team also helped with health needs such as wound care and basic medical assistance. Read the latest newsletter to discover how you can get involved in this good work!

Single-Parent Families

In connection with the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home, a program for single parents has been established. For up to four years while single parents go to college or develop careers, this ministry offers free rent, utilities and internet. The families receive canned goods, non-perishables and meat through the NMCCH commissary and have access to a clothing closet. There are three housing properties in this mission -- Hope Haven, apartments located on the NMCCH campus, and the Wahlman apartments.

We have joined in this good work to provide each new single parent family with a welcome basket of household goods. Many come into the single-parent program with very few personal belongings. Our baskets are filled with towels, laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, etc. to bless these families in the name of Jesus and show our commitment to serve those who are less fortunate. Volunteers are welcome and NEEDED to donate funds for purchasing the household items, organize the baskets and deliver them. There’s a place for you in our Hope Haven outreach ministry!

Daily Bread

Our church family provides bread to the children who live at New Mexico Christian Children's Home west of Portales. It is a program that all members can have a part in, a mission that touches the hearts and needs of children in the name of Jesus Christ. Volunteers are welcome and NEEDED for the work of this mission. Grocery runs, delivery runs, donations... all are valuable ways you can be involved in the Daily Bread mission.

Bread, hamburger & hot dog buns, tortillas, bagels, dinner rolls, and similar items are personally delivered every Monday to the "grocery store" on the NMCCH campus. Each set of cottage parents can go to the store and choose what they need for the children in their cottage.

Jesus told His disciples, "You give them something to eat." (Matthew 14:16) It is in the spirit of His teaching that this ministry came about. Unlike the bread that sustains only our physical body, Jesus is the Living Bread that is Life to our souls. In meeting physical needs of our children, we hope to lead them to Jesus who gives eternal life.

Donations to support this outreach mission can be made online, to the church office or in the regular contribution that is taken each Sunday morning. Let the church office know if you are interested in giving your time and resources to this mission work!

World Bible School Online Courses/Study Helper
You can become a study helper for online students who wish to take the Bible correspondence courses through internet access.  There are several levels of participation for online study helpers, which means you can be as involved as you want to be and as your time allows.  Click on this link to complete the application to World Bible School and let them know your desire to become a study helper: 

Study Helper Application

Read the latest newsletter here:

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Southern Sudan Mission Audio Report
Mexico-Frontera Coahuila
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We encourage all of those who are part of our church family to give—not out of obligation but out of a spirit of worship and with a cheerful heart, understanding that our giving is to the Lord. Your gifts support the good works and missions that have been set before us by our elders, our general budget and the support of our ministers and staff.

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